January 3, 2015

Kyle & Brittany :: Surprise Proposal at Panorama Lounge

A few years ago, when I had just launched my photography career, Kyle (an extremely supportive friend) approached me and asked if I would help him capture this huge milestone in his life. He was planning on surprise-proposing to his then girlfriend, Brittany! He had an entire evening planned out at 180 Panorama Lounge with the staff. My table was reserved right across with full-view of them. At some point during dinner, the other diners started to notice my trigger happy finger. They sought to ask the staff who informed them why I was taking the photos. And to my slight horror, those diners turned to me enthusiastically with huge grins and a lot of thumbs-up. Luckily they sat somewhere behind Brittany, so she never saw *phew*.  I was able to take as many candids photos as I could until the big moment!

Kyle decided that the special moment would happen out on the balcony, over the beautiful city lights and away from the other patrons. It was such an emotional and heartfelt moment!

I hope you enjoy this sneakpeek of their night as much as I did capturing it!