January 2, 2015

Tom & Vanessa :: Engagement at Kariya Park

I am so excited to share this session!

In early spring, Tom, Vanessa and I went to scout out some photo locations for their wedding. I decided to bring my camera along on a whim.

We started our hunt strolling around Kariya Park in Mississauga. I showed them the little pond, Japanese zen garden and waterfall.  We enjoyed the peaceful scenery for a bit and learned about the history between Kariya and Mississauga while I snapped in a few shots here and there. Afterwards, we made our way to the Queen of Peace – Croatian Centre in Norval. Tom showed us the building where he learned Croatian growing up and the forest behind the church where he and his brothers ran around as children. We speculated on the trillium buds (being careful not so step on any) and wondered if they will blossom in time for their wedding.

It was the perfect mix of relaxed good times, fun and sharing stories. This level of ease and comfort is what I strive for all my couples to experience during every session.


Be sure to check out their wedding here: Vanessa & Tom :: Wedding at The Oakville Club