January 15, 2016

Karen & Jonathan :: Wedding at Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington

Karen and Jonathan’s laid-back wedding was held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. Their day ran smoothly –  except for a few little hiccups surprises!  Their ceremony was short and sweet (just like Karen! :P), followed by their bridal party photo session in the picturesque gardens. It wasn’t until we finished the photos that we realized someone had locked us out! WHOOPS!  It was hilarious snapping photos of the bridal party laughing and banging on the doors – Pleeeeease hear us…. somebody.. Anyone!?

Their evening was topped off by a grand entrance to your-not-so-typical Game Of Thrones theme song (no spoilers during the wedding though!), plenty of heartfelt speeches, delicious food, and guest singers!

Karen and Jonathan’s day was a special one for me. Two years ago, I was the very first vendor Karen contacted before they even had decided on a venue, date, or anything else. I always encourage couples that it is never too early to connect with me. Especially so early on, it helps to have someone familiar with the process to help sort through they initial stages of wedding planning. Karen and Jonathan’s big day was definitely two years in the making and I am so happy to part of it all!


Congratulations Karen and Jonathan!